Wi-Control Manager project for Fonmar

Desktop application to manage all the data of a fleet

Fonmar SA, one of the world leaders in the manufacture of vulcanizing presses, opted for the innovative technology of its technological partner Whitewall Solutions to develop the Wi-Control project (Industry 4.0), custom hardware and software to incorporate intelligence and connectivity to its machines Gamma. In this second phase of the project, Wi-Control Manager was created with the aim of controlling all machines equipped with Wi-Control in a fleet.


Daniel Jiménez de Managing Director of Fonmar SA

"Presses equipped with Wi-Control can now be easily managed with Wi-Control Manager, having up-to-date information on all splicing processes of all machines in a fleet."

Daniel Jiménez, Managing Director of Fonmar SA

Use case

Fonmar is a vulcanizing press manufacturer based in Jaén (Spain), which applies a combination of heat and pressure to join or repair conveyor belts or tires.

Once the project of Wi-Control, Fonmar decided to invest in a new desktop application that would allow managing updates to Wi-Control machines as well as managing all the information generated on them. See more about the Wi-Control development project.

Wicontrol Manager Fonmar

Whitewall Solutions developed the application for the Windows operating system due to its largest implementation in the industry.

With a simple and friendly interface, Wicontrol Manager allows you to manage the various devices and databases of a fleet of machines.

Wicontrol Manager Fonmar

Wi-Control Manager allows the firmware update of a fleet of machines, allows inserting templates in them, as well as downloading and updating the machine's database.

Wicontrol Manager Fonmar

On the other hand, Wi-Control Manager allows you to work with databases in a similar way to working with office suite data sheets, make the relevant changes and send them to the machine.

Likewise, Wi-Control Manager allows downloading all the machine data in CSV format for later exploitation.

Wicontrol Manager Fonmar

The characteristics provided by Wicontrol Manager, with this Industry 4.0 project, have helped Fonmar to offer a superior solution to its clients, differentiating itself in a highly competitive market.

Wicontrol Manager Fonmar