Product digitalization

We help companies digitalize their products by adding intelligence and connectivity

Whitewall Solutions help manufacturers digitize their products by adding intelligence and connectivity enabling an entirely new set of product functions and capabilities which can be grouped into four areas: monitoring, control, optimization, and autonomy.

Capabilities of digitalized products


Smart and connected products allow complete status, use and external data monitoring that can be collected with sensors. By processing the data, the system can warn users when performance changes happen. Monitoring can also enable manufacturers to better understand usage patterns to improve their products, improve after-sales service, etc.


Smart and connected products can be controlled by embedded software locally or remotely from the cloud to perform certain actions depending on the analysis of circumstances. They also allow users to remotely customize and control their products from their smartphone or tablet.


Monitoring along with the ability to control the performance of the product, allows manufacturers to optimize product performance. Smart and connected products can apply analysis algorithms to real-time and/or historical usage data to improve performance and efficiency. Real-time monitoring and the ability to control the product allows companies to optimize and carry out preventive maintenance.


Combined monitoring, control and optimization enables smart and connected products to achieve high levels of autonomy. Some products are able to learn from the environment, to know their service needs and to adapt to the preferences of their users. Autonomy can improve safety in hazardous environments and easy operation in remote locations. Standalone products can work in coordination with other intelligent and connected products and systems.

Technology stack to digitize products

Intelligence for your product

Your product

Analysis of mechanical and electrical components of your product and its current operation.


Development of embedded systems, sensors, connectivity ports,


Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Embedded operating system, software applications, enhanced user interfaces and control components.

Connectivity for your product

Connectivity within the product

Our embedded system communicates with the mechanical and electrical components, as well as the control devices of the product.

Connectivity with other devices

Standard industry protocols: Profibus, DeviceNet, CANOpen, CC-Link, AS-I, Interbus, ControlNet, Modbus TCP, Profinet, Ethernet / IP ...

Cloud connectivity

Protocols that enable communication between the product and the cloud: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Lora, ZigBee, 802.15.4, 6LoWPAN, Cellullar, WirelessHART ...

Cloud service for your product

Product database

Database system (big-data) that allows the aggregation, normalization and data management of the product in real time and historical series.

Application platform

Development environment and execution of applications that enable rapid creation of smart and connected business applications.

Rules engine / Analysis

Rules, business logic and bigdata analysis that generate algorithms related to the product and reveal new knowledge.

Smart product apps

Software applications that manage monitoring, control, optimization and autonomous functions of the product operations.

Product safety

Identity and security

Tools that manage the authentication of users and access system, guarantee the in communications between product and cloud.

External sources of data

Sources for enhancement

A gateway for information from external sources that complements the product information (environmental conditions, traffic, prices ...).

Business integration

Integration with business systems

Tools to integrate information from smart and connected products with business tools like ERP, CRM and PLM.

Path for products digitalization

Consulting 4.0

Consulting 4.0

We carry out a deep analysis of the machine / solution and its use, devising the simplest and most robust architecture with the best use of technology.

We design the logic in a higher layer providing extra functionalities that add value to the machine / solution without altering the original behavior.

Development of embedded / embedded systems

Development of embedded / embedded systems

We carry out a robust hardware design that minimizes the possibility of errors and maintenance, choosing high-quality industrial components.

We apply innovative technology to provide connectivity (WiFi, 3G, ISM, Bluetooth ... ) along with industry standard protocols (Modbus, Compoway ...).

Modern application / HMI design

Modern application / HMI design

We design the web application adapted to the solution implemented on the machine to be used both locally and from the cloud.

We design clear, simple and intuitive interfaces designed to add functionalities to the machine, so that both old and new users feel comfortable operating with it.

Integration of industrial and wireless communications

Integration of industrial and wireless communications

Our solutions allow the integration of industrial and wireless wired communications.

We make your product with wired communication can be managed with wireless networks from the user's own devices (smartphone, tablet) .. .

Data processing and analytics

Data processing and analytics

Our solutions include data acquisition and storage, taking data to the public or private cloud and data analysis (big data).

This allows the creation of new services (reports, personalized analysis) for the client and new business models.

Tailor-made solutions with proprietary technology and industrial standards

Tailor-made solutions with proprietary technology and industrial standards

All of our solutions are designed for greater compatibility with future devices.

We implement solutions using industry standard protocols, often integrating and simplifying existing solutions.

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