Design and manufacturing of products

Engineering service for product design and manufacturing.

Design and manufacturing of products


Study and presentation of proposals

Collection of requirements, research, analysis and presentation of proposals.

Proof of concept

Electronic, mechanical, software, functional and aesthetic test.


Functional and aesthetic prototyping with all electronic, mechanical and software components.


Development and design for production

Design and development

With the aim of reducing the manufacturing processes of each of the components and ensuring availability and quality.

Final product delivery

The final product as it will be mass produced is delivered to the customer.

Development and design for production


Purchase and logistics

Purchase of quality components and materials with delivery on time.

Product assembly

Ability to mount components in short or long series of manufacturing.

Software installation

Firmware, drivers and embedded system applications.

Quality Control

We guarantee the quality of the final product before it leaves our factory.

Technical assistance

We are at your disposal to correct or improve any aspect of the final product.


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