Design and manufacturing of embedded systems

Electronic engineering service for embedded systems desing: electronic design, software development, manufacturing services.

Design and manufacturing of embedded systems

Electronic design

PCB Design

Depending on the files you send us and your needs, preparation of the project files, schematics and gerbers.


Assembly of components for prototyping SMT or THT.


Manufacture of small series of PCBs for Express delivery.


PCB quality control.

Component optimization

We optimize components for more efficient and less expensive production without neglecting quality.

Development of quality test

We guarantee the production with the appropriate tests for each plate.

Electronic design

Software development

Firmware development

Firmware developed to fit the embedded system.

Driver development

For both new and old embedded systems that want new peripherals to be supported

Embedded software programming

Microcontrollers, embedded PCs / SOM / SBC, DSP, etc.

Web applications, Android, iOS

We design clear, simple and intuitive interfaces designed to add functionalities.

Porting applications to other platforms

Ability to port Raspberry, Arduino applications, etc.

Software development


Purchase and logistics

Purchase of quality components with delivery on time.

Manufacture of long series of PCBs

Ability to manufacture long series.

Assembly of components

Ability to assemble (SMT or THT) components in long series of manufacturing.

Software installation

Firmware, drivers and embedded system applications.

Quality Control

We guarantee the quality of the final product before it leaves our factory.

Technical assistance

We are at your disposal to correct or improve any aspect of the final product.


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