Auction device project for Olinet

USD DAQ 48 digital 12V inputs

Olinet S.L. was born in 1986 with the purpose of meeting the demands of SMEs in everything related to information technology, and especially in the section of management software (ERP), opted for Whitewall Solutions technology to develop an electronic device for auction management.

Usb Daq Olinet


Juan Maria Gil de IT engineer at Olinet, S.L.

"The device has exceeded expectations in terms of operation, dimensions and appearance."

Juan Maria Gil, IT engineer at Olinet, S.L.

Use case

Olinet, a provider of information technology solutions, required an electronic device for auction management in the agricultural sector.

Usb Daq Olinet

A PCB for 48 digital 12V inputs and one USB output was designed. Likewise, the microcontroller programming, the selection and adaptation to the housing, and the manufacture of a prototype in a short space of time were carried out.

Usb Daq Olinet