DC UPS for Ramos Elevación

Custom version of RPS2430DRL

Ramos Elevación S.L., one of the Spanish leaders in elevator manufacturing, opted for the innovative technology of its technological partner Whitewall Solutions to incorporate an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) in its control panels. Whitewall Solutions adapted its innovative RPS2430DRL to the specific needs of this prestigious manufacturer with an exclusive edition.

Dc Ups Ramos Elevacion


Miguel González de Production Manager of Ramos Elevación

"Elevators equipped with the Whitewall Solutions RPS2430DRL UPS in their control panels benefit from a superior backup solution in a compact size."

Miguel González, Production Manager of Ramos Elevación

Use case

Ramos Elevación is a manufacturer of elevators based in Malaga (Spain) that is committed to quality and innovation with the aim of surpassing itself every day.

Ramos Elevación needed a solution to incorporate energy support to the cadres of Control of your lifting solutions. They demanded a product that met three conditions: high quality, small dimensions and affordable cost.

Whitewall Solutions offered to design and manufacture a limited version of its RPS2430DRL that perfectly meets the technological demand, its compact size and its affordable price. See more about Rekoser's DC RPS UPS.

Dc Ups Ramos Elevacion

RPS2430DRL is a 24V 30W Lithium DC UPS with DIN rail ideal for providing guaranteed power to control panels (ideal for distributed environments of Industry 4.0).

Its main features are:
* DC-DC UPS ideal to avoid voltage drops and power failures in industrial equipment.
* It is compact and lightweight thanks to the long-lasting lithium-ion batteries.
* Optimized design with DIN rail for better mounting in control panels.

Dc Ups Ramos Elevacion

The energy backup solution provided by Whitewall Solutions has helped Ramos Elevación offer a superior solution to its customers, differentiating itself in a highly competitive market.

Dc Ups Ramos Elevacion