Website and Internet presence

From the idea to the internet

The main objective of this category is that you can have a web page to give you visibility on the internet.

Features and services

  • Domain: the solution includes the domain of your website for a minimum period of twelve months. Ownership of the domain will be yours entirely.
  • Hosting: You will also have at your disposal the hosting of the website for a minimum period of twelve months.
  • Design of the web page: as part of the service you will have the structure of the web, with a minimum of 3 sections. Pages or sections of a website are considered to be elements such as: home page (Landing Page), company presentation, contact form, product description, contact data, site map, etc.
  • Responsive website design: your website will adapt perfectly to any type of device.
  • Accessibility: Your website design will meet the AA level conformance criteria of the WCAG-2.1 Guidelines.
  • Basic positioning on the internet: the information of your SME will be indexable by the main search engines (On-Page).
  • Self-manageable: You will also have a content management platform so that you can modify the contents of your website without the need for help.
  • Optimization of search engine presence (basic SEO): Keyword analysis, On-Page SEO of 2 pages or sections, indexing and ranking of content.

Execution percentages associated with the phases

  • First: 70%
  • Second: 30%

Maximum aid amount

  • 0 < 3 employees: €2,000
  • 3 < 9 employees: €2,000
  • 10 < 50 employees: €2,000

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