Secure communications

From the communication to the secure communication

With this solution you will have security in the connections between the devices of your employees and the company.

Features and services

  • SSL: You will have a secure socket layer protocol to create a secure and encrypted connection.
  • End-to-end encryption: You will have encrypted communications throughout their journey, in order to prevent attacks.
  • Connection Logs: You will be able to keep track of the devices that have connected to your private network.
  • Access control: you will have the possibility to allow the connection to your private network only and exclusively to the devices authorized by you.
  • Mobile devices: You can use this solution from mobile devices.
  • Initial configuration and security updates: You will have an initial configuration so that you can use it correctly, with the respective updates of malware signatures and other data for detection of threats in addition to the periodic security software updates required.

Execution percentages associated with the phases

  • First: 70%
  • Second: 30%

Maximum grant

  • 0 < 3 employees: €125/user (up to 2 users)
  • 3 < 9 employees: €125/user (up to 9 users)
  • 10 < 50 employees: €125/user (up to 48 users)

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