Industrial Digital Transformation

Data acquisition Data management Data analysis Data visualization

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Data acquisition

We design hardware and develop software for data acquisition:

  • Design and manufacture of embedded systems, gateways, etc.

  • Digitization of assets (machines, products, tools).

  • Creation of digital products.

  • Sensory.

  • Integration of industrial communications.

  • Implementation of IOT, IIOT and Industry 4.0 solutions.

Data management

We organize the data to ensure that the entire data body of an organization is accurate and coherent, easy access and properly protected:

  • Government, architecture and data modeling (Big Data).

  • Data storage (Data Warehouse, Data Lake, Data Mart).

  • Data security.

  • Integration of data (ETL).

Data analysis

We use the information provided by the data for the company to make informed decisions with knowledge.

  • Definition of kpis.

  • Implementation of Business Intelligence (BI).

  • Report generation.

  • Demand predictions (Machine Learning).

Data visualization

We designed Dashboards with real-time information individualized by departments or responsible for viewing from a browser from any device or on videoWalls.

  • Design of custom dashboard.

  • Generation of alerts.

  • Installation of VideoWalls.